The good taste
from El Salvador

From El Salvador to Texas, the best of coffee beans at a good price.

Taza de café

How did our idea start?

Our story!

In April of the year 2021 Surviving the pandemic, my girlfriend Claudia and I (John), made our first order of coffee from El Salvador to Lipan Texas where we currently have our headquarters, we select the best coffee to roast and provide our customers with the best quality and knowledge, since we both enjoy and know about coffee.

Why our name?

While we had a fun conversation, my girlfriend and I were proposing names for the coffee, the Laughing stood out because Claudia enjoys clowns, Besides I’m funny and have been known as a Laughing, for this reason we chose this name.


cafe y manos

Coffee Processing


We have 4 grain process options, so you can place your custom orders, these grains are only sold by order.


This delicious

A coffee brought from the heart of Central America, with an unique flavor and aroma in each cup ☕

  • Body Light and balanced
  • Acidity Citrus lightly felt on the tongue
  • Smell Tasting notes, floral, caramel and grapefruit
  • Taste Clean and long aftertaste
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